Glossary of terms

Sl. No. Terminology Abbreviations
1 HOME Home Page of the e-Tendering/e-Procurement website.
2 ABOUT US The history of Department can be viewed.
3 SUPPORT/VENDOR INFO/HELP MANUAL The vendor/contractor can View / Download the Help and FAQ Documents.
4 CONTACT US/CONTACTS The details/contact persons name and phone Numbers of the e-tendering/e-Procurement HELP Desk and Departmental Officials are available.
5 TENDERS/TENDER FREE VIEW/OTHER TENDERS To view the details of all the authorized tenders which are due for Request until the request close date and time.
6 REGISTRATION/REGISTER ME/NEW VENDOR REGISTRATIONNew Vendors can enrol their companies / individual firm in the site to obtain the USER ID and password to participate in the tenders/auctions.
7 COMMUNICATION / IMPORTANT CIRCULARS/IMPORTANT INFORMATION To view the circulars / guidelines issued by various departments.
8 HOT TENDERS The user can view the tenders which are due for closing within 24hrs.
9 DWF VIEWER Vendors can Download the DWF Viewer to view converted auto cad drawings.
10 QUERY MONITORING SYSTEM/VENDOR QUERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM / COMPLAINTS/SUGGESTIONS The vendor/contractor can submit his query related to e-Tendering/e-Procurement website.
11 ACROBAT READER Vendors can Download the Acrobat Reader to view PDF format files.
12 DIGITAL SIGNATURE Link to download the application forms for Digital Signature Certificate.
13 FORMAT FOR OFFICIALS The department officials can download the sample tender documents and Performa formats for the user ID creation.
14 FLASH PLAYER For the user to download the flash player.
15 FAQ The vendor can view the frequently asked questions regarding the e-Procurement/e-Procurement portal.
16 USER ID Login credentials for the USER to enter the user ID of the particular persons (Buyer or Vendor) to login for department site.
17 PASSWORD To enter the password of the respective USER ID to login.
18 ACTIVITY Buyer Users have to select the option during log-in to for carrying out the intended activity like Actions , Tender, eProcurement. Similarly, Vendor (Vendors) will login to check or to Participate for Tenders / Auctions.
19 NEW TENDER / UN APPLIED Tenders which are due for request will be displayed under this section. User can request the tender, view the free documents.
20 IN PROGRESS The participated tenders are listed here. User can submit the document, withdraw the submitted bid before closing of the tender dates,verify the payments made.
21 EDIT ATTACHMENTS The buyer can upload the Tender Notifications, Tender documents such as Price Bid, Technical Bid, and Templates etc.From vendor/contractor end, they can download the forms, can enter Form Fee, EMD and can upload required document.
22 OPENED The link provided to check the tenders which are Opened Recently and Beyond.
23 AWARDED To get the list of tenders which are processed and awarded by the department to the Particular firm (Contractor/vendor).
24 DISQUALIFIED / WITHDRAWN The will get the list of tenders which are Cancelled by the department / Withdrawn by the Vendor / Disqualified by the Department to the Particular firm (Contractor/vendor).
25 MODIFY PROFILE The user profile can modified any time by the user after log-in.
26 DOCUMENT LIBRARY This acts as a library for the e-Tendering/e-Procurement. User can upload supporting documents through this link and attach to the concerned tenders whenever required.
27 TENDER SEARCH The search facility is provided by e-Tendering/e-Procurement to search the tender based on work, dates, value of work,region, etc..
28 MODIFY PASSWORD The user can modify his password any time. As a security measure, it is advisable to modify password frequently.
29 LOGOUT This link redirects the user to log-out of the eProcurement portal and directs to log in page.

Action Buttons / Icons:The various action buttons / Icons of e-Procurement website are listed here under:
Sl. No. Icons Action
1 Edit Attachments
2 View payment details for Form fee/Processing fee/EMD and Refund details and print
3 Restore Tender to Open Status
4 Tender complete
5 Tender Notification mail
6 Tender cancellation
7 Archive Tender
8 Reinstate Tender
9 Request Tender Form
10 Print Notification Inviting Tender (NIT)
11 Pre-bid meeting clarification
12 Withdraw bid
13 Upload additional documents
14 Send Letter of Acceptance
15 Password Reset
16 Disable user
17 Modify Profile
18 Debar History
19 Show Documents
20 Tender ad-hoc SMS
21 Tender cancellation
22 Manual Form send
23 Workflow detail
24 Tender Opening
25 Bid Approval
26 Set Resubmission/Multistage Submission Time
27 Tender Awarding
28 Disqualify Tender
29 Region Preference
30 Tender Evaluation
31 Tender Authorization
32 Blacklisted vendors
33 Auction
34 Bid Approval History
35 Technical Open Level1
36 Awarded Letter
37 EMD Refund
38 Bid Approval Completed
39 Put in Negotiation
40 Tender un-awarded Level 1
41 Approved Document
42 Download Document
43 Attach Document
44 Autorized Document
45 Calendar
46 Delete Document
47 Error
48 Modify Document
49 Open Document in New Window
50 Register
51 Replace The Document
52 Restore Document
53 Undo
54 Upload Document
55 Verify Document
56 View Document
57 Browse Document
58 Disable Templates
59 Enable Template
60 Goto and Edit Document
61 Enable Document
62 Archive Document

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